Sell, Sell, Sell!

Great article in the Huffngton Post, “Four Ways to Sway Others.”


This article speaks to swaying people to ACT, the four tips outlined are:

1. Offer just three simple choices

2. Get specific sooner

3. Speak to their better nature

4. Enable others to earn bragging rights

Of course, these are expanded on in the article, but relevent to SELLING, number 1 and 2 may apply. Narrowing down a vast array of choices into 3 simple choices for the customer most definitely will increase the possibility of a sale. However, it should be pointed out that these three choices should also be selected based off of YOUR goals as the sales representative. Of course, you do not get anywhere long-term by pushing product that a customer does not truly need, however you as a rep also have to fulfill your needs as well—So why not align both of your goals!?

Now, for number 2, “Get specific sooner,” that is great advice in sales. Blanket statements, as the article states, do not prove anything to the customer. Be straight to the point when selling and be clear about your goals with them. Ex: “I am here today to sell you the best possible car, but first what is most important to you?” With this statement, you are presenting your goal, and then finding out theirs. From there it should be all about alignment of the two–creating the best possible outcome that fits both of your needs.


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