Bridgewater NJ Barnes and Noble Event

On Sunday, author Thomas F. La Vecchia, MBA, signed books and gave a motivational talk at the Barnes and Noble in Bridgewater, NJ. The event was covered by mommy blogger  (A Mommiez Fashion Diary), who quoted La Vecchia for saying, “Use your power for good, not evil.” The quote was in reference to learning La Vecchia’s process to motivate anyone to act, which his book teaches in 4 easy steps. Once you learn the system-it’s important to use it for “good not evil,”  he joked.

Click here to read Ramos’ article on the event

Click here to watch Ramos’ video of La Vecchia’s talk

tom and yessenia

La Vecchia and mommy blogger Yessenia Ramos

To learn more about “The X Factor Selling System: The Sales Expert’s Guide to Selling” click here 

The book’s process to motivate others to act began as a process for Sales representatives, as La Vecchia is a 20 year veteran in the Sales world. Yet, it quickly took on a life of its own as a process for anyone to get what they want-whether its potty-training a two year old, negotiating a raise, or closing a $1 million dollar deal.

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