Crafting a Mission Statement and Vision

A mission statement and company vision must be concise, creative and exciting. Crafting your business’s mission is challenging-however the reward for an excellent mission statement is well worth the effort and time.

Once finished your mission statement will be hanging in your office, displayed for employees, and also what will entice customers to use your services.

When crafting your mission statement and vision avoid the following:

Generalizing: Be direct.

Example: “We pride ourselves with the capacity to assess situation or circumstances with expert insight and draw sound conclusions that are transparently clear and easily understandable.”

Which situations/circumstances? What do you mean ‘sound conclusions?’

Non-valuable Words:

A mission statement should be short and concise. Try and get rid of words that do not add value such as, ‘the’, ‘and’, and ‘a’.

Also, avoid right clicking every other word for a ‘smarter’ sounding synonym.


We pride ourselves on our tenacious energy and motivation.

Our superiority is due to our obstinate dynamism and stimulus.

Make sure every word actually means something. If your mission statement has a strong and meaningful message you will not need to ‘fluff it up’ with million dollar words that make little sense.

Make sure it makes sense: Will people understand your mission statement? This sounds very simple-but is often overlooked. Give an unbiased person your mission statement and see if they are getting the message you are trying to send.

Unexciting Language: Ask- does the mission statement excite you? If not, you may end up over-compensating in your marketing budget for a dull mission statement.

A good way to begin your mission statement and vision is to ask yourself a series of questions and make lists. Your statement and vision will be a concise and exciting summary of what you do-but you need to make sure you know what you are summarizing. This is a good exercise to do with your team-have a brain storming session and try the following exercises:


1. Ask: What does your company do? How are you different? How do you provide value? What inspires your employees about the company? What are your goals?

2. Practice summarizing a lot of information into as few words as possible. A good way to do this is to practice writing headlines. Find a few short articles on the web and print them out-minus the headlines. Tell your team to create headlines for the articles given a 7, 5, and 3, word count. Headlines, similar to mission statements, must be informative, accurate to the information, concise, exciting, and enticing.

3. Once you have your mission statement post it everywhere! This is your message and it should make you feel proud to attach it to your brand (on your website, on your marketing materials, in your office, etc.)


Here is an example of an excellent vision/mission statement:


Their mission is concise, exciting, and evokes emotion. The word ‘refresh’ evokes a feeling. They brand their product to be refreshing and they use it in their mission statement in a creative way to describe their global brand. Another way to look at this mission statement is this: If you were given the phrase “To refresh the world” and had three brands to choice whose mission statement that was: Coca-Cola, Best Buy, or Amazon, you would pick Coca-Cola.


In Coca-Cola’s vision they use a tactic that makes it easily to remember- 6 P’s. You can use this tactic as well! The 3 P’s or the 5 R’s…this helps employees to remember what the company vision is.

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