Free Motivational Tips for Sales Professionals

Ask yourself: Am I motivated? Odds are, unless you are walking out of a motivational talk, your answer is probably “No”. Being motivated is the number one key factor for success in sales-yet so many sales people lack that push. Going to a motivational talk is great-yet after the initial motivational “high” wears off you are right back to where you started.

Next time you are looking into a motivational talk or seminar, ask the speaker or look for a speaker that offers solutions for continued motivation. The best motivational talks are those that offer tips that you can keep using once the talk is over. It would be great to attend a motivational talk once a week-however that is just not possible. So here are some tips for motivation that you can implement now.

1. Recognize that you are not motivated. It is okay to say it. Knowing you need motivation is a great first step to solving the problem.

2. Realize that motivation is something that comes from you. Most people feed off of their environment for that motivational push. Unfortunately, the day of a salesperson can be full of No’s, resistance, and negativity. The only thing in your control is how that affects you. So stop looking for that “lucky break”, that “good-job”, or that out of the sky bonus to come your way for motivation-instead have it come from yourself and those things will follow.

3. Do you have the enthusiasm yet you cannot achieve results? Ask for training and the resources to fulfill your developmental needs. Sometimes it is the skill and not the will that needs to be addressed to make you feel more prepared and knowledgable in order to succeed. You can also take this into your own hands: spend one day after work browsing a bookstore for sales books that offer a new outlook, a different process, and/or tips for success.

4. Change your daily habits in your personal life. Ask yourself: Am I healthy? This may seem off the beaten path at first, but the way you feel about yourself undeniably has an impact on your motivation factor at work. You have to feel good to have self-confidence and you need energy to not let a negative environment affect your goals.

5. Ask for better incentives. Most sales people fall into the middle ranks, yet most incentive programs almost entirely ignore the middle. Most often the rewards are given to the few outperformers. So ask for a meeting with your manager and have the following prepared: Why your results are valuable, what incentives you want (know what motivates you), and be able to tell your manager what results will come from gaining these incentives.

6. Set goals for yourself. Maybe you respond best to goals other than the ones supplied to you by your sales manager. So, set your own. This will also supply your own positive environment. For example: A daily goal for yourself may be to gain 10 new qualified leads. Once you accomplish that goal you will feel successful at the end of the day.

Finally attending a motivational talk or a sales seminar is a great way to be motivated- as long as they are offering you advice that is useful beyond the seminar. So, next time you are looking to attend a seminar look for the following topics: Understanding your clients, new sales processes, and/or how to self-motivate.

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