Scared of Public Speaking? Cure it with Preparedness

Surveys and research results show that most people would rather die than talk in front of a live audience.

According to the World Health Organization, three out of every four individuals suffer from speech anxiety: that is 75 percent of the world population.

Comparing studies about public speaking fears show a correlation speaking stress is correlated with the fact that finding good speech topics is difficult. Studies are showing us that most people are afraid of public speaking (even more so than death) because they know that their presentation is not good. From this information, a cure to this fear is having a great presentation-one that provides confidence, not fear.

One key to a great presentation is mastering the balance between audio and visual elements. Since the types of learners (audio vs. visual) are pretty much half and half, making sure your point is made to both types of learners is key.

• Make sure you are using visuals to accompany or solidify your point

• Strike a balance- too many visuals and not enough words or too much speaking and not enough visuals, will be reflected in audience retention

•Do a little research online for visual and audio tools. New software does not have to be intimidating. Spend an hour or two watching youtube clips or reading instructions on how to use your new software. Taking the time to do this will surely pay off.

Next, look for tips that you agree with. We may not all be great presenters, or have ever presented, but surely we have all been an audience member. So, when searching for helpful advice on how to make a better presentation, make sure you recall your experience as an audience member and that the tips resonate with you.

The best article I have found for tips on presenting comes from Business Insider. Titled, 7 Tips To Create A Truly Awesome, Memorable Presentation.

This article goes over the following 7 Tips:

Create Crisp Messages: Thinking of the people you send your message to as information carriers is a great way to help you craft your message. Telling a crisp message to 5 people can result in it spreading to 5,000. Especially today, there are so many social media sites that make messages easily repostable and retweetable-so form your message via speaking the same way. A good sound bite can be transferred. So think of your message as a tweet and your goal is to get the most RT’s possible.

Craft a Rally Cry: “Your rally cry will be a small, repeatable phrase that can become the slogan and rallying cry of the masses trying to promote your idea,” the article states. BI uses Obama’s “Yes we can” as an example.

Coordinate key phrases with the same language in your press materials: This tip speaks more toward press attending your presentation. It is a reminder that the people coming to hear you speak came there because of what they read about your presentation. Make sure you stick to what your marketing material said-this way you can be sure that press will get a good sound bite. This can also serve to remind you that the audience attended because of what they read as well- so make sure there is a solid correlation between your topic and your presentation.

Use catchy words: Historical phrases are not accidents. These sayings and phrases are preplanned for just that purpose-to be catchy and memorable. Just because you may not have a speech writer doesn’t mean you can’t craft one yourself for this very purpose.

Make them remember: That catchy phrase just discussed is no good if no one heard you, it didn’t stand out, or it wasn’t presented visually as well.

Imitate a famous phrase: ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’ “Well, an imitation of that famous phrase might be, ‘Never give a presentation you wouldn’t want to sit through yourself,'” BI states.

The future is a place you invent: Use your words to carefully and artfully describe where you want the audience to be-where you want to be. The more effective your message-the more likely your audience will be to change to your vision.

Click here to read full article

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