Know What Motivates You

It is all too often that sales representatives feel unmotivated. They want to make their numbers-but they don’t know how, or they know how- but they aren’t pushing themselves to do it.

If this classifies so many employees, then why are they not seeking the right tools in order to produce better results?

Everyone should know their motivating factor. Better training? Better commission structure? You can’t ask for incentives if you are unsure of what you need them to be. It is crucial to take the time and understand what pushes you-and then ask for it. Don’t waste time and loose out on success because you are unmotivated in your job.

In The X Factor Selling System: The Sales Expert’s Guide to Selling, knowing what motivates you is the key to a more productive work environment, a happier and motivated employee, and a step toward gaining alignment with your sales manager.

“Your sales leader and/or manager want to see you perform and succeed. However, you may be lacking the motivation you need to be successful. Whether be better incentives, more recognition, or better training, let your manager know what will push you to reach and exceed your numbers.”

Recognition-Know What Motivates You

During my time with a team that I managed, I sat down with one of the team members, *Joe, early on to work to gain alignment. One of the first things he said was that he had three children, and one was very sick. The child had a form of bone cancer. Joe said he was just looking to make more money. “I am about money, I am looking to make money,” he said. So through my position as manager I got him a raise and worked on getting him resources to better do his job. Directly, or indirectly, I put a lot more money in his pocket by doing so. So some time later on, I did a full day seminar. At the end I said, ‘Here are the top performers, here is what is going on,’ and I gave recognition to two or three members of my team. After the seminar was over, Joe approached me and said, “Hey Tom, how come you didn’t recognize me? I’m one of your top performers.” My response to him was, “I asked you at the beginning what was important to you. And you said money. I put at least twenty thousand more in your pocket this year. You didn’t come to me and say recognition was important.” So he looked at me and said, “You’re right. But you know what Tom? I didn’t want to admit this, but recognition is also important to me.”

My point being, know what really motivates you.

Excerpt from Chapter Six: Inside the Mind of a Sales Manager

The X Factor Selling System: The Sales Expert’s Guide to Selling will be released in March/April of 2013
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