Sales Blunders, Getting Fired, and Tipping Off the Competition

Checking websites, twitter feeds, blogs, etc., on how to improve your process and sales numbers is a great way to improve. However, the old-age adage is true-We learn the most from our mistakes. So what can be better than learning ‘what to do’? -Learning ‘what NOT to do’. Not only does it make for a more entertaining read but learning from someone else’s mistakes can save you some serious embarrassment.

After scowering Sales Benchmark Index for sales blunders and the biggest mistakes via social networking, here are a few things NOT to do:

1. LeadGen – Stop sending your competitors your call plans via LinkedIn
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By 2010 48 percent more people were using LinkedIn for lead generation prospecting. However, what many reps did not, and do not, realize is that you are leaving your connections/leads up for the world to see.

There are two proposed solutions in this article for fixing the problem of tipping-off the competition:
-Gatekeeping your LinkedIn by being careful who you connect with, however there are numerous ways for competitors to become your connection via fake profiles, being a friend of connection, etc.

-Adjusting the settings on your LinkedIn to hide your connections from others.

2. How to get fired as a Sales Manager -(not including missing a quota)
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“Sales Management Turnover in 2011 will exceed 28% across all sales organizations. 52% of VP of Sales are dissatisfied with their current Sales Management team responding that most are ‘B’ or ‘C’ players. Over 63% of Sales Managers are dissatisfied with their current jobs and are looking for new ones,” states the article.

This article states three sure ways to get fired, excluding hitting your quota (as it states that it’s a nonnegotiable of the job).

-Inaccurate Forecasting.
-Being a Desk Jockey.
-No new capability acquisition.

Source, SEC

Source, SEC

3. 5 Classic Mistakes in new hire Sales Training
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The article outlines tips for success based upon a review of 736 new hires in 12 industries. From there, they established five steps to implement during the sales training process:

-Orientation- Ensure the new hire has a world-class first day. Our study showed over 2/3 of new hires expressed dissatisfaction with their first day because their Manager was too busy to give them the required attention.

Fix: Start new hires on Friday not Monday. Seems simple; often overlooked.

-Guide- The new hires told us that a detailed onboarding plan that separated Doing vs. Knowing made their first 6 months more impactful.

Fix: Ensure you sequence doing and knowing activities in a fashion that lines up with how the job will unfold.

Read the full article for the three other steps!

4. Finally, Benchmark Index presents the worst sales calls of 2011 and 2012. Read on for some funny and entertainingly bad blunders.

Worst Sales Call of 2011
Worst Sales Call of 2012

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