Better Sales Productivity in 2013

According to bad sales managers cost the economy $360 billion annually. So, right before the turn of the New Year, outlined a few helpful tips to make 2013 more economically productive:

ONE: Understand the skill set of a good sales manager, and fill the role accordingly.
TWO: Make sure your sales managers are practicing good coaching habits.
THREE: Make sure sales managers aren’t letting underperforming reps linger.
FOUR: Embrace the virtual meeting.

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Just as important as it is for sales managers to streamline and correct their process, so it is equally important that their sales teams gain alignment on those goals. Having a successful process via management is crucial-however having the right management/sales representative alignment is what will achieve greatness.

Here is a short excerpt from The X Factor Selling System: The Sales Expert’s Guide to Selling– which will be released in March/April of this year:

“Something else to consider is know what motivates you. Your sales leader and/or manager want to see you perform and succeed. However, you may be lacking the motivation you need to be successful. Whether be better incentives, more recognition, or better training, let your manager know what will push you to reach and exceed your numbers.”-Chapter Six: Inside the Mind of a Sales Manager

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  1. That is an interesting article. We also believe that better performance at the end of the day has to be influenced by the Manager, its up to that person to make it count!

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