Why Do You Suck? Re-evaluate to Get Out of Your Sales Rut

By Thomas F. La Vecchia aka The Sales Expert

If you’re in a sales environment, very often you are defined by performance. This can lead to a roller coaster of emotions that can either boost your performance or keep you down in the dumps. The old adage is true: Motion creates emotion.

So if your numbers are down and you’re not trending well, do you suck? If so, why? First thing to remember is that your numbers define your performance, not you.

However, how you perform does define you because it’s your actions that cause the result. In other words, the choices you make have effect on your bottom line, hence your numbers, financial performance and very often your overall wellbeing (professionally at least).

So if you’re doing great, congratulations to you and the best of success. However, performing well or not, it is important to know why you’re receiving the results you are producing. Recognizing a successful process means you can repeat it in order to gain future success. Intern, recognizing an unsuccessful process means you can re-evaluate your strategy.

If you find yourself in an underperforming rut, here are some questions you should be asking yourself in order to “unsuck”:

• Look in the mirror. Are you at the right company; one that suits your values and skill sets. If not, go to place that is in line with your values/beliefs.

• Are you passionate about your vocation? If you won the lottery would you stay at this job or in this industry?

• What is your strategy? Perhaps you’re great at selling, but not great at targeting. Where are you getting your leads from? Are they qualified leads or pulled from the sky?

• Are you executing? Be honest with yourself. If your home at 2 p.m. on a workday and reading this blog in your pajamas, you’re probably slacking off a bit.

After you have identified the cause of your underperformance, here are three steps to get out of your rut:

Set daily and weekly goals that are realistic and attainable. Jim Collins’ Great by Choice calls them your 20 mile march – in other words what you need to complete on a daily basis.

Build your entire infrastructure around these goals so that you’re in a situation that is more conducive to your success. If you’re in sales, set-up a protocol to feed your pipeline with qualified leads. Or, put together your own CRM program to best manage your relationships. Oh- and don’t join a Monday noon-time volleyball league if you’re in direct outside sales. All efforts have to set you up for success, so dedicate the time to make it happen.

Align Strategy with Execution: When the strategy is clear, execution becomes the strategy. Set the right goals, have qualified leads (i.e. hot targets) and be well trained on your product offering.
It’s not easy to get out of a slump, especially when it sometimes seems like the world is against you. People become more sensitive to negative events when times are tough. So if you think you suck, then follow these steps in order to get your business back on track. Your wallet and sanity will thank you for it.

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  1. Good tips even for people that aren’t in sales!

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