“Mobile Apps to Make Your Business More Productive!” says Forbes

Forbes has highlighted new mobile apps that help out in vaires business scenarios.
The apps listed help by:

-Contributing to more success in meetings (MEETING MAPPER)

-Providing you with an electronic signiture for fast on-the-go contract signing (EchoSign)

-A vurtial USB that you can save sensative files to (Workshare)

-An application for note taking (Evernote)

-A dropbox for teams-allowing for virtual collaboration (DropBox for Teams)

-An app that works with Dropbox to allow for everyone to be viewing the same thing at the same time (RabbleBrowser)

-Sharing knowledge and learning new information, this app functions with the platforms many human resources and learning departments use. (Tappestry)

-“It promises to synchronize files in real time across all devices. For example, if you update a business plan on your iPad or Surface, it will automatically update on your desktop as well. In addition to generating the reports businesses need to execute and monitor their strategy, the product also tracks results with a business intelligence tool that graphs KPIs, trendlines and targets,” explains Forbes. The basic StratPad is available on iTunes, and the 2nd version will be launching in the Spring says Forbes (StratPad v2)

-A word processor for the iPad that allow anyone to do complex business tasks on-the-go (UX Write)

-Finally, be updated by voice reminders (flights and soon to be financial info) with this new app. (Speaktoit)

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