Managing your Social Media Outlets

Facebook, WordPress, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, Youtube, Google+, Tumblr, …the list goes on and on. Taking advantage of social media outlets is beneficial, if not necessary, to building and/or promoting your brand. Yet, having all of these accounts can be a full-time job to manage. So, here are two extremely useful outlets to manage your brand via social media FOR FREE.

#1 Klout. Sign up for Klout and link all of your social media outlets to your Klout page. You will then be provided with a number up to 100; this is your Klout score. It measures your influence via social media! Have your friends sign up for Klout and interact via social media with other Klout users! You can give/get Klout points by posting relevent information about what your interests are. Also, reaching certain high Klout numbers can mean free stuff from companies that see you as influential. Klout keeps you remembering that you have to keep up each one of your social media outlets–haven’t tweeted in a few weeks? Your Klout number will fall. Have your tweets been constantly re-tweeted by others? Your Klout score will rise…


#2 Contaxio. This is a relationship management site. With this, you can sync your Facebook and/or Twitter, etc. and better manage your relationships. For example, once you sync your Twiter page you are provided with lists of your contacts. One list is Following (people you follow that do not follow you back), It’s Mutual (list of people you follow that DO follow you back), and Followers (those that follow you that you don’t follow back). This is essential for your business as most Twitter users and businesses want a large of amount of followers and a few amount of people THEY are following–so here is a way to cut out “the fat” if you will and let go of those who don’t follow back. You can also link your Linkedin and other social media.

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