Marketing Your Business with Video

I, like many others, am a visual learner. I like to be able to watch my content rather than read it. Of course, written content is essential–however video is the best outlet to get the word out about your business in a short and entertaining way.

Like this article on the home page of Forbes today, making video content intimidates a lot of businesses. It seems so complex, and so too many companies fear the idea too much to even imagine beginning the process.

This Forbes article is in no means a How To, it is simply stating that, just like any other outlet, it takes some time to learn –but visual content is too useful to pass up! This article however does give one tip that I was glad to learn–you can head over to a Home Depot and purchase a lighting kit for roughly $100!

Now after reading about the importance of video content in the promoting and marketing aspect of a business I was left inspired and motivated. So here is an article that gives more of a How To. This article is from and provides a check list that is not intimating!

So get started!!!

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